Fawlty Towers Tribute

Basil and Sybil almost welcome you to their hapless hotel for a “very nice” night away…

❗️❗️Join Britain’s top antique TV shows as they gather at a top secret venue for the annual Gala ‘Get It Together’! Their hosts Basil and Sybil Fawlty, in truly unique style ‘almost’ welcome all VIP guests for a ‘jolly nice’ evening out. Inspired by a much loved iconic show, you are invited to join the teams and discover just exactly is going on…because ‘we are darned if we know’! 😜

🏨🍻 Tipsy Towers – A Fawlty Towers Tribute Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre extravaganza, written exclusively for and performed by The Walking Theatre Company ! 🎭🍴

⭐️ Join us at The Argyll Hotel in Dunoon for a Fawlty Towers Tribute Weekend  – contact the hotel directly on 01369 702 059 for more details on dates, booking, and availability!⭐️

🎉Or fancy a private party at your own Tipsy Towers? 💁Contact us today to book the funniest night of your life! Email alana@thewalkingtheatrecompany.com, or call 01369 820 115! ✅

There is a 'hare' in my soup!

There is a ‘hare’ in my soup!


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